Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How to Choose a Lower Back Butterfly Tattoo

On a more advanced level, the butterfly is a symbolic creature. It demonstrates the circle of life because of the distinct processes of development it has to go through to turn into a butterfly. Therefore, it symbolizes the stages of life. Furthermore, if someone decides to have a butterfly tattooed on their skin, they are saying that they feel attractive and happy. A corollary of this is that the butterfly stage of the entity's life is quite short, which emphasizes how vital it is to enjoy every second of life.

Because of the butterfly's developing existence, heaps of folks choose to have a butterfly tattoo to show their own personal growth. Perhaps they have commenced a new path in life; maybe they want to illustrate that they are stronger than they were before.

The butterfly also signifies resilience. In spite of the beauty and soft nature of the butterfly, it is able to travel many thousands of kilometers to migrate and potentially affect the whole environment (also known as 'the butterfly effect'). By including a butterfly in your tattoo, you are emphasizing your own ability to cope with whatever life puts in your path.

There is no ignoring the beauty of the butterfly. It is poised in flight and its markings are beautiful. Therefore, it is judged by many as the height of beauty and grace; a truly symbol of femininity.

When it comes to making the decision of which lower back butterfly tattoo to be inked with, the options are infinite! This is a bit overwhelming, but bear in mind that your tattoo has to be the tattoo you adore.

First of all, you will need to determine the proportions of the butterfly. Having a small butterfly would emphasize its grace, but having a larger butterfly will show its strength. It is completely your choice, but remember that you will be wearing this picture for life (or until you go through expensive and painful laser removal!).

Then, it is a good idea to decide whether you want other images to accompany the butterfly. Many women decide to just include the image of the butterfly as they feel it is a clearer declaration of womanliness. Irrespective of this, you may want to consider including the butterfly with a chrysalis to emphasize the developmental characteristics of butterflies. Some folks have created detailed designs where the main butterfly is comprised of many little butterflies. In addition, you could accompany the butterfly with elements of its normal living environment; flowers, plants and sunshine are all perfect elements that are matched to a butterfly tattoo, and which also demonstrate the undulations and feminine nature of your lower back.

The final choice you will be required to make is whether the tattoo should be colored. There are a couple of schools of thought on the use of color in tattoos. The first is of the opinion that colors detract from the simplistic elegance of a tattoo. The second is that colors increase the range and magnificence. It is really up to decide which you would prefer. Look at your design both with and without colors to make up your mind.

As outlined above, butterflies give a wide choice of colors to choose from. However, if you would prefer to have colors which no identifiable type of butterfly is marked with, that is totally your choice and will go some way to ensuring your inking is as unique and personal as possible. Related with this issue is the decision of how obvious you want the tattoo to be. For lots of people, feint tattoos illustrate womanliness and delicacy. Make some drawings and then decide what you like the most.

At the end of the day, you must be drawn to the design you settle on. Go and do some research and choose the design that is perfect for you. Good luck and have fun with it!

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