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How to Choose a Lower Back Butterfly Tattoo

On a more advanced level, the butterfly is a symbolic creature. It demonstrates the circle of life because of the distinct processes of development it has to go through to turn into a butterfly. Therefore, it symbolizes the stages of life. Furthermore, if someone decides to have a butterfly tattooed on their skin, they are saying that they feel attractive and happy. A corollary of this is that the butterfly stage of the entity's life is quite short, which emphasizes how vital it is to enjoy every second of life.

Because of the butterfly's developing existence, heaps of folks choose to have a butterfly tattoo to show their own personal growth. Perhaps they have commenced a new path in life; maybe they want to illustrate that they are stronger than they were before.

The butterfly also signifies resilience. In spite of the beauty and soft nature of the butterfly, it is able to travel many thousands of kilometers to migrate and potentially affect the whole environment (also known as 'the butterfly effect'). By including a butterfly in your tattoo, you are emphasizing your own ability to cope with whatever life puts in your path.

There is no ignoring the beauty of the butterfly. It is poised in flight and its markings are beautiful. Therefore, it is judged by many as the height of beauty and grace; a truly symbol of femininity.

When it comes to making the decision of which lower back butterfly tattoo to be inked with, the options are infinite! This is a bit overwhelming, but bear in mind that your tattoo has to be the tattoo you adore.

First of all, you will need to determine the proportions of the butterfly. Having a small butterfly would emphasize its grace, but having a larger butterfly will show its strength. It is completely your choice, but remember that you will be wearing this picture for life (or until you go through expensive and painful laser removal!).

Then, it is a good idea to decide whether you want other images to accompany the butterfly. Many women decide to just include the image of the butterfly as they feel it is a clearer declaration of womanliness. Irrespective of this, you may want to consider including the butterfly with a chrysalis to emphasize the developmental characteristics of butterflies. Some folks have created detailed designs where the main butterfly is comprised of many little butterflies. In addition, you could accompany the butterfly with elements of its normal living environment; flowers, plants and sunshine are all perfect elements that are matched to a butterfly tattoo, and which also demonstrate the undulations and feminine nature of your lower back.

The final choice you will be required to make is whether the tattoo should be colored. There are a couple of schools of thought on the use of color in tattoos. The first is of the opinion that colors detract from the simplistic elegance of a tattoo. The second is that colors increase the range and magnificence. It is really up to decide which you would prefer. Look at your design both with and without colors to make up your mind.

As outlined above, butterflies give a wide choice of colors to choose from. However, if you would prefer to have colors which no identifiable type of butterfly is marked with, that is totally your choice and will go some way to ensuring your inking is as unique and personal as possible. Related with this issue is the decision of how obvious you want the tattoo to be. For lots of people, feint tattoos illustrate womanliness and delicacy. Make some drawings and then decide what you like the most.

At the end of the day, you must be drawn to the design you settle on. Go and do some research and choose the design that is perfect for you. Good luck and have fun with it!

Best Tattoos For Girls

Cute. Cute tattoos include everything from girly designs like flowers to feminine styles like butterfly tattoos. Cute tats are the most common design that girls get.
    Sexy. Sexy tattoos involve not just design, but also placement of the design. For instance a foot tattoo can be very sexy. Belly tattoos and low back tattoo designs have also been considered very sexy.
    Girl Power. Tattoos displaying strength of woman are some of the best tattoos for girls. Dragon tattoos for instance are very powerful and signify strength, while at the same time being very intricate and beautiful.
    Beautiful Designs. As mentioned, the dragon tattoo can be both beautiful and dangerous looking. Some very beautiful designs are also mural style designs. Flowers, vines, and vibrant coloring makes for very beautiful ink.
    Simple and Small. Some of the best tattoos for girls are small designs. Girls can get away with going very small for their tattoo, where as a small tattoo on a guy can look weak and silly. But a small design can ber very cute and sexy for girls.
    Old School Designs. Some old school tattoos can actually work great for girls. Especially old school pinup girl designs! Look at some of the ink that the Suicide Girls have for examples of old school designs that work well for women.
    Girlfriend Tattoos. Girls tend to put real meaning behind their ink. Many girlfriends will get together and choose the same or similiar tattoos to get as a symbol of strong and special friendship. Tiny star tattoos work great for this. Each girl will pick a colored star, then all the girls will get their girlfrineds tiny star tattooed on them!

Celebrities With Lower Back Tatto

I have always loved looking at those celebrities with really cool body art tattoos with David Beckham being my favorite among all of them. Not only because he looks really hunky and all but because I really like the way he chooses and values his tattoos. He is an English soccer player who currently plays in midfield for American Major League Soccer Club. He is the husband of the famous member of Spice Girls, Posh or Victoria Beckham now. This man has really lots of cool tattoo designs. He said that he realized he wanted a tattoo which will represent about the people in his life. Actually his tattoos are about his wife and sons. He got a full body portrait of Victoria on his left forearm, Roman number VII underside right arm, a crucifix scene on the upper back and a lower back tattoo that has the word BROOKLYN which is his son's name. I believe he did not just get them to look cool and all because every tat that he sports has a meaning and not just randomly chosen. I don't know if it has something to do with tattoos being a fashion statement nowadays but there are a lot of celebrities that we can see on fashion magazines and on TV that have lower back tattoos.

I believe you are very familiar with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, right? Well, I grew up watching every series and I admire this woman a lot. Sarah Michelle Gellar has a lot of female tattoo designs. What's so cool about her tattoos is she has chosen the cutest designs that made it not noticeable to the public. Hers is sexy, flirtatious yet modest. She has a scripted Chinese tattoo with blossoms on her ankle. The tattoo design is known as a sign for integrity. She also has images of Celtic symbols on her left hip and a heart pierced with a dagger on her ankle. Aside from these, she has two lower back tattoos which are dragonflies. They said, presumably, those dragonflies represent her relationship with Freddie Prinze Jr.

So just don't stick with getting a lower back tattoo or any tattoos because you simply love the design. It would be nice too if one tattoo represents something, right? I would really love if you get one done and brag about it not just because it's a cool tattoo design but because of its meaning and the reason why you got it too. So enjoy searching the internet for that tattoo that you would never ever want to be removed forever

Lower Back Tattoo Designs - Growing Popularity

Lower back tattoo designs are becoming the most popular among females. One reason is this location is one of the easiest to conceal if you work in an environment that frowns upon body art. The other is its appeal to the opposite sex.

The back of the neck, shoulder and hip areas are also common places for women to get tattoos, but men readily admit that one of the most sensual places for a tattoo is the lower back region. Seeing a portion of a tattoo peeking out above the pant line has a certain mystique for the opposite sex. This is also true for women!

Some of the most popular lower back tattoo designs are often shaped in such a manner as to resemble a dragon fly, with the main design situated at the center of the back and continuing to the left and right, with another portion moving down the spine. At a distance, some would say it resembles a certain part of female anatomy, and that is why it is so visually appealing to men.

Another reason for their appeal is lower back tattoo designs actually enhance the natural curvature of the body, and can make a waist appear smaller while accentuating the hips and backside. Let's face it, if you've got it, flaunt it!

Butterflies, flowers, angels, faeries, leaves and vines are some of the most popular designs. Tribal art is making its way into the scene as well, with symbols weaved into intricate scrolls and patterns.

Winged creatures are also good candidates for the lower back, as they can be stretched across from hip to hip if desired. This is the flattest spot possible for an artist to work on, and the easiest. To some it is also the less painful area, but everyone is different when it comes to pain tolerance, so don't take my word for it.

If you decide on lower back tattoo designs, take your time choosing. If one design is appealing to you now, ask yourself if it will be appealing ten years from now. Put some deep thought into why you want a certain design. Any tattoo should be a reflection of the person who wears it.

Choose a design that will reflect you and your personality. Make sure it will be one you will enjoy forever, as it will be considered permanent. If you have to, work with your artist to come up with the perfect design. It may cost a little more, but having a totally customized design will ensure you are getting exactly what you want.

Another aspect is color choice. Some colors will fade quicker than others and touch-ups will be needed, depending on how much sun your tattoo will see. Most females adore a good tan, so be prepared and make sure you use sunscreen.

Beware of Chinese Symbol Tattoos!

Chinese Symbol Tattoos have become very popular. My eldest daughter of 29 has one and now my other daughter of 21 wants to get one as well. When I asked my eldest what her Chinese symbol tattoo meant, she told me that it represented "love". However, the question was asked in front of the owner of our convenience store who's Chinese and he looked at her and nodded "No". My daughter surprised... asked him what it meant. He replied "nothing" because it simply made no sense!

This is when we started searching online, as to avoid my other daughter from making the same mistake. I was shocked to see how so many people had been ripped off with their so called "Chinese tattoos." More research led my daughters and I, to understand that chinese script tattoos are often full of mistakes because a) they weren't given enough research, and b) tattoo artists who are not Chinese usually have no idea what they are inking. Simply put... they purchased what they thought were authentic Chinese translations without checking the origins.

As a translator for legal documents from English to French, I can tell you that translating a text from one language into another takes more than just the skill of translating words, one by one. Even translating a complete sentence is often in error. The reason is the following: Often the intention of the word and/or the sentence is totally changed. It is therefore crucial, when it comes to tattooing into another language, that the artist be fluent in both languages. Obviously, if you choose to have a Chinese Symbol Tattoo, you want Chinese people to be able to read it... don't you?

The other problem was... there aren't many Chinese tattoo artists in North America. So Our search kept on... and we finally came across someone we could count on to give us the real authentic Chinese translations for Chinese tattoos, a Chinese girl tattoo artist from ShangHai, China. Through her, we were finally able to find my youngest daughter's choice of Chinese symbol tattoo without a flaw. The added bonus was she was able to correct the error in my eldest daughter's Chinese symbol tattoo by adding a stroke in a specific way.
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