Monday, October 31, 2011

Tattoo Supplies For Beginners

While there are a considerable amount of supplies manufactured for use in tattoo parlors and the industry as a whole, for a beginner, there really is only a handful of tattooing supplies that should concern them. In this article, a review will be made of such supplies with a description of their basic use and function. This information is relevant to those interesting in becoming a tattooing artist or would just like to learn more about tattoo supplies.

Starting with the most identifiable tool, let us look at the tattoo machine. Often incorrectly referred to as a "tattoo gun", the tattoo machine is the gun-like device instrument used to perform the tattoo work. It is the primary tool of tattooing. But the tattoo machine would be worthless if it was not for its sister tools; that of the needle, ink, and of course, a source of power. Let us look at these tattoo supplies next.

Tattoo needles are loaded into the tattooing machine. This includes both shading and liner tattoo needles. In order for them to do anything, ink is also loaded into the machine. The needles dip themselves into the ink and then the needles prick the skin, leaving a tiny deposit of tattoo ink in the recipients body. This is, in essence, how a tattoo is performed.

The power supply is an often neglected component of tattoo supplies. It is not a very exciting area to discuss, but a good power supply is near mandatory to have when practicing regularly. Ideally, the tattoo machine power supply will be equipped with a foot pedal for easy power control, leaving both of the tattoo artists hands free to guide their work.

Together, these needles, the different tattooing inks, a solid power supply, and the tattoo machine (or gun) make of the basics of what tattooing supplies an artist would need on hand to perform tattoo work. This of course and a willing client who wants a tattoo!

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