Monday, October 31, 2011

Egyptian Tattoos and Meanings

Well I have just found out some interesting information about Egyptian tattoos and their meanings and am passing it on to you so I hope that it can be helpful.

Lets start with a common tattoo which is the sun and to the Egyptians this was one of the most powerful images and symbols to them. The reason being is because the Egyptians whole culture and economy depended on the Nile and their crops growing with the seasons. If there was no sun to provide these seasons and light to help crops grow then there would be no Egypt. The meaning behind the tattoo of the sun is the rays are providing protection and growth for the country, so if you have a tattoo with the Egyptian sun be sure that what is beneath the rays is something that you want to protect and help grow.

The next common Egyptian tattoo is that of the god Anubis who is the body of a man and the head of a jackal. He very popular with current tattoo designs and simply because he looks cool, but there is a darker and heavier side to him. He was the god of the embalming process and he would weight the souls of the dead to see if they could pass onto the afterlife. He holds great power however he does not make the rules so this is something to understand if you want to use him on a design.

Finally we will look at the "eye of horus" which I personally feel is the most common Egyptian image being worn and tattooed. The eye represents immense power and it overseas Egypt while Horus protects the country. The USA use it on their dollar bill and it is portrayed in many other places also. The myth goes that Horus lost his eye in battle and then it was magically restored and and put back together to become the powerful symbol it is today.

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