Monday, October 31, 2011

Dumbest Things People Get Tattooed

People getting names tattooed on them may be the dumbest tattoo of all. Some people get a loved ones name like a wife who is soon to be an ex wife or a girlfriend who soon runs off.But there is yet and still an even dumber version of the name tattoo and its the person who actually gets there own name tattooed on themselves. Maybe the height of all silliness getting ones nickname tattooed is also very popular as a trip to any mall will quickly reveal.

Currently nerds are breaking out of the bedroom and into tattoo shops across American demanding video game inspired tattooing be done on them. No longer the simple Mario mushroom tattoo on the ankle, nerds and virgins alike are getting entire back piece tattoos dedicated to world of war craft and halo. A stroll to a comic con will reveal festering hordes of tattooed nerds.

Maybe even worse than a video game geek is a person that loves a company or a product so much as to have its logo tattooed on them. We are not talking about a man who built a business and had the symbol of his success tattooed on his dermis, We are talking about clowns getting a skate board logo or a clothing company's name tattooed on them.

One of the dumbest images of all to get tattooed is the shock tattoo. Do a Google search on serial killer tattoos and you will find a sea of fools with Ted Bundy tattoos and a slew of other lesser known killers. The idea of the shock tattoo is not new but the volume of shock value tattoos is alarming.Not limited to males often woman will get images from horror movies or Halloween designs in an attempt to be shocking

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