Monday, October 31, 2011

Angel Tattoo Types and Meanings

Among most religiously-oriented individuals, it is the angel tattoo design that assumes supreme popularity, solely for its powerful idea of a human-like messenger of God. This winged mascot of divinity is a popular choice for tattoo symbols among people of all faiths.

An angel tattoo design is considered to be the most creative epitome of spirituality, making you instinctively feel closer to God. For many who seek to go a step further, these tattoos also represent the ultimate battle between the good and the evil. In fact, the most extraordinary peak of art and creativity can be seen in the tattoo image showing the glorious victory of Archangel Michael over Lucifer. This aptly proves that tattoos truly are the best forms of expressions of any kind.
Besides the empowering aspect of spirituality, the angel tat design is also greatly popular as a symbol of romance and eternal love. It signifies complete faith and devotion, be it to God or your partner, and epitomizes an unbreakable bond. The romantic spirit in an angel tat design becomes more prominent when sported by a man, showing his complete respect and love for the woman who brings an angelic presence in his life. For a woman, the angel idea signifies more than just love; it represents her beauty, her strength, and her divinity.

There are many angel tattoo ideas to choose from and here are just a few popular ones:

The Guardian Angel is the most popular idea among angel tat designs, and brings a sense of being protected at all times.
Archangels are also extremely liked, mainly by religious people, as mentioned earlier.
Fallen Angels make for a dark and powerful symbol, sported by the believers of Satan, and usually included bloodied images of injured angels.
Cherubs Angels are highly popular with the romantic, depicting an arrow penetrating the heart.

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