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Woman Organs

Woman Organs
All living beings. Reproduction – the process by which living organisms, such as providing more of the same – is one of the things that determine the non-living organisms apart from the issue. But despite the fact that the reproductive system is essential to maintain the species alive, unlike other organs of the body, it’s not necessary to keep alive the individual.

The female reproductive system:

In the process of human reproduction, and involved 2 types of sex cells or gametes. The gametes, or sperm, and female gametes, the egg or the egg, and the fulfillment of the female reproductive system to create a new individual.
Systems of both males and females is necessary for reproductive cloning. Female in need to mention it to fertilize an egg, although it is bearing the offspring during pregnancy and childbirth.

Humans, like other organisms, pass certain characteristics of themselves for the next generation through their genes, and private transport companies of the qualities of humanity. Genes with parents to their children are what make children similar to others in their families, but they are also what make each child unique. These genes come from the sperm of a male and a female egg, produced by the reproductive systems of males and females.

About the female reproductive system:

Most of the species and two sexes: males and females. Each sex has its own unique reproductive system of its kind. They differ in shape and structure, but are designed specifically for the production of both, feed, and transport either the egg or sperm.

In contrast to the male and female human reproductive tract has completely located in the pelvis. Called the outer part of the female reproductive system vulva, which means cover. Located between the legs, and vulva covers the opening of the vagina and other genital existing within the body.

And called on the fleshy area located just above the top of the vagina and pubic mons. He called for two pairs of skin flaps of the labia (which means lips) surround the vaginal opening. The clitoris is located, a small sensory device, towards the front of the vulva where the folds of the labia registry. Between the lips and the openings of the urethra (the canal that carries urine from the bladder to outside the body) and vagina. Once girls become sexually mature, and cover the outer labia and pubic hair from the mons pubis.
And female reproductive organs are internal vagina, uterus and fallopian tubes and ovaries.

The vagina is a muscle, and a hollow tube extending from the vaginal opening to the uterus. Vagina about 3 to 5 inches (8 to 12 cm) long in a woman grown. Because they are walls of muscle, it can expand and contract. This ability to become wider or narrower allows the vagina to accommodate something sound of the beast on a large scale like a baby. And lined the walls of the vagina and the muscles with mucous membranes, which keep it protected and moist.

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