Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wisconsin News

Public Defender Jeff Adachi is the pole in all parts of the city in an attempt to explain how his novel for the reform of the pension system is in fact a "progressive." It would be funny if it were not so devastating effects for workers who are employed by the city and those living in and around the city of San Francisco.
Adachi and fears the right of the events in Wisconsin and the national movement to defend trade union rights have inspired hurt his campaign. He is eager to say that, unlike the Republicans in the state of Wisconsin, and supports the rights of trade unions in collective bargaining. Governor of the State of Wisconsin, but while Scott Walker and the Legislative Council Republican on the Elimination of collective bargaining for employees of public to reduce their wages, health care and pensions, and Adachi is to reduce staff in San Francisco salaries and pensions through the ballot box, with the effectiveness of these items outside the negotiating table. What is the difference?
In each state of Wisconsin and San Francisco deficit is a pretext to reduce the required factor in the retirement of public and community services. Create Walker deficit the state of Wisconsin by giving big tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy. In San Francisco, was brought Similarly, the deficit which can not cover contributions to the city pension fund on three decades of tax cuts for corporations and the rich in California, doubled the previous Newsom Gavin mayor opposed nearly every measure of return proposed throughout his reign for seven years - and the city does not contribute its share to the pension fund for each year the stock market is fine.
In determining how "progressive" Adachi and measure, and we should, as always, follow the money. Here is the one who support his proposal:

• Michael Moritz, the venture capitalist billionaire (and No. 308 in the last year on the Forbes list of richest Americans), who hosted a fundraiser to support b - try Adachi first last year in the reform of the pension system, which suffered a crushing defeat - and a major backer of financial Republican governor of Ohio John Kasich and the Ohio Republican Party Central Committee.

• Howard Leach, the billionaire financier who has raised nearly $ 400,000 for the campaign George W. Bush and was rewarded with the position of Ambassador to France. It also contributes to the Republican Governors Association, which main objective was to elect a new crop of governors to maintain payment of countermeasures to the worker in Wisconsin, Ohio and Indiana, Florida and New Jersey, and other countries.

• David Crane, a millionaire former investment banker, trivial and close friend of and former adviser to pension former Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger governor of the state.

You have to wonder why is that suddenly you feel about this rich gardens, senior and youth programs, mental health and drug abuse programs Adachi cites as being cut because of the costs of pensions. Even if the transfer of these billions, they can take the money that is drowning in the measurement of Adachi and donate to these programs. Or can they support some kind of measure of return that makes progressive funders and investors in the midst of rich city - can afford to pay - Ante up for the protection programs that claim to be concerned about.
No one is more interested in the feasibility of the Pension Fund from those who plan to retire on it. This is why unions are involved in the city in discussions with the city to develop a genuine reform of the pension system that is reality-based, principled, and compassionate to those who are trying to raise families in this economic climate.
Even when a university Adachi expensive signing (paid as much as $ 5 on signing for the B pillar on the ballot) Come to your neighborhood grocery store, just say "No!"
No, this is not what we call a progressive policy. Not in Wisconsin, not in San Francisco.

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