Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pslv Launch

Pslv Launch:

Is set to launch a stage Wednesday for the polar satellite launch vehicle (PSLV) in Sriharikota, about 80 km from here. The missile will be the gateway three satellites, including the Indian Space Research Organisation in (ISRO) Resurs 2 -.
54.5-hour countdown, which began early Monday goes smoothly, in accordance with Council. Satish, ISRO director of publications and public relations.
Phase will be completed fueling the missile, the second Tuesday, at around 10 pm
And PSLV – Rs.90 crore and standing 44 meters and weighs 295 tons, a four-stage (engine) rocket with the support of solid and liquid propellants instead.
And launched the first and third stages by a solid propellant while the second and fourth phases need liquid fuel.
According to ISRO officials, is set to launch PSLV Wednesday 10:12

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