Wednesday, April 6, 2011



There seems to be great, life-changing, a bucket of money up for grabs on a regular basis in the lottery and the state of New Jersey these days.
Directly after the team won the recent Albany huge jackpot mega millions, drawing on Saturday night became a media drawing 10, respectively, without the grand prize winner. This has increased the jackpot Wednesday to $ 218 million, with an option to cash lump sum of $ 109.9 million.
The newspaper said that even without the lottery grand prize winner, nine players matched the first five numbers to win the $ 200,000 prize: 1 being of the state of New Jersey.
I do not think that the state of New Jersey will find it ever problems you encounter in Wisconsin. Millions of dollars of profits go unclaimed each year, according to the lottery and the state of Wisconsin. Over a period of 13 years expiring on June 30, 2010, he went a huge U.S. $ 44,852,936 of winning the grand prize and prizes for the lotto unclaimed one. This figure does not include unclaimed scratch gains.
He said lottery spokesman Andrew Bohage It is expected that the demand to increase profit by about $ 3 million annually.
According to, in August 2009, the store sold $ 1 million Powerball ticket for the power game to win, and the person who bought the ticket failed to claim benefits within a 180-day period of redemption.
It was the second million prize in the history of the lottery and the state of Wisconsin that have not paid.

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