Tuesday, April 5, 2011


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This year, one in 10 athletes suffering from sports-related concussion, according

to the Centers for Disease Control. It is likely that the statistic is much higher given the number of head injuries that are still unrecognized and go situations.
The baseline test is fast becoming a best practice for athletes in the program in the effective management of concussion. It is recognized by both the National Association of Sports University (1), and the American Academy of Pediatrics (2). Beginning in 2001, was considered a "cornerstone" in the assessment of concussion at the International Conference of concussion in sports (3).
Exxon is the use of sport computerized cognitive assessment tool (CCAT) to measure brain speed and athletic and accurate. Take the baseline test on the Internet before the sports season starts provides a benchmark to compare concussion after the suspects. Test measures brain function - attention, working memory, speed and accuracy in thinking. The results are stored and can be shared with medical providers to help them make a return to play decisions.
Eastbay strive to consider them, and we look forward, on the athletes to be proactive in providing what they need from head to toe, "said Dowe Tillema, president and CEO, Eastbay." Increase awareness of the basic tests of our loyal customers Eastbay confirms the commitment to support all the athletes and sports performance. From recreational to competitive tournaments; of basketball, football, skiing and encouragement, in order to protect themselves completely, and every athlete should get a test basis at reasonable prices and comfortable.
Axon sport lies in the re-testing the baseline in the market sporting the first company to offer tests accessible, affordable, and comfortable. Sports Exxon CCAT on the Internet. Athletes can complete the test in eight to 10 minutes. Test results are stored in secure accounts and can be used as a tool should be compared to sports suffer a concussion. Parents can access the data online at any time and share it with their child's coach, doctor or athletic trainer, which is especially important that the transfer of children from school to sports club and sports team to team. The support of the technology CogState, the test has been used for more than 10 years and internationally in major universities in the United States. Now, can the United States of young athletes, such as the age of 10 use it as well.
We are proud to join forces with - Eastbay is a world leader and clear in the sports market to increase awareness of earthquakes and proactive steps parents can be trained and sports trainers, doctors take to help maintain the health of athletes in their care. Our goal is to make testing the basis for access to all the athletes, "said Polly James, Exxon Sports President and CEO." As we learn more about earthquake hazards; for training and playing competitive intensified, it became clear that the baseline test should be part of every athlete's preparation for the new season.

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