Sunday, April 10, 2011

Craigs List

Craigs List
More details have emerged in the case of Long Island Craigslist killer that will leave any person living near a barrier island community that quiet has become the dumping ground with a serious case of the shivers. Investigators looking into the killing of at least 8 and up to 13 prostitutes so far has come up with a partial profile of a suspect, and the results of scary, frankly.
This man (most of the killers are men series) does not seem to have an average half-witted, socially inept drifter who lived in the underworld of crime and opportunities. On the contrary, the police now think he may be very smart, and looks natural. So that he may be married, two kids, perhaps a football coach or a volunteer for Rotary Club or other civic group. Depending on how well he seems to cover his tracks, and may even be the policeman or any person working in the field of law enforcement at the present time or in the past.

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