Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tomato Soup

* Tomato-1kg

* Corn Floor-2tbsp

* Sweet corn-1 tin

* Chicken cube mix Floor (Maida)-1tbsp

* Black pepper-1tsp

* Tomato Ketchup-half cup

* Brown sugar-1tsp

* Bread-3 pieces (cut in Cubes)

* Salt-as required

* Fresh cream-1packet


* Take a bowl put 4 cups of water in it and Tomatoes, now boil it in a light flame.

* When tomatoes got boiled then get it cold and blend it on the same boiled water.

* After that take a bowl and put salt, corn floor, ketchup, floor, black pepper and brown sugar in it and cook them into 5 to 10 minutes.

* When the soup becomes thick than take off the flame.

* Now deep fry bread cubes when they become golden brown then take it off in the paper.

* When you want to serve the soup first of all put 1 tbsp sweet corn in a serving bowl now soup and in the end Garnish with bread cubes n 1 tsp fresh cream.

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