Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bob Christo

On a hospital bed in the Jayadeva Institute of heart on Saturday, Bollywood 'firang' villain in more than 200 films and one does not look like 70 years) who had suffered a heart attack a few hours before. But the smile on his face Bob Christo does not mean he was in a state of denial. The Bangalore Mirror: "I just want to be released biography to me before I die. I would also like to do comedy roles and win a few hearts." Christo has been moved to the hospital about 5 am on Saturday from an apartment in Vasanthnagar his friend after he complained of severe pain in the chest. Dr. CN Manjunath, Director of the Institute Jayadeva for heart disease, "angiogram in cases of emergency and revealed 90 per cent in the block artery anterior left him descending. Have been done angioplasty and stent procedure. He should be in hospital for 3-4 days . "Christo did not like the idea of ​​living in the hospital for three days. He said: "I feel much better now. But last night I thought I had kicked the bucket." And complained to learn that the doctors said he could drink juice only, "I want to eat something now. I have not had anything this morning. Life is not easy. lack of access to food is the largest of torture. I can not live without the chicken, cheese and papaya. at least, give me a piece of papaya.

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