Sunday, March 20, 2011

Big Love

Tonight is the conclusion of the series Big Love, one of the major shows in what could be called to free HBO - the period after the first generation of the hit drama has gone away (it was a year after the expiration of six feet under the ground and a year ago and appears to be the end of the Sopranos) and it is not able to come up with new offers of the same effect. Big Love is a kind of show in transition. It follows the pattern of these successes HBO: stylish melodrama with a sense of humor and a commitment to view the dark side of this type TV model (in this case, the family drama). But I got it broader and more soap than it was, and it seems that the use of metaphors and stories about topical issues in the way that science fiction shows to do. This is the true form of this blood will be used at the end of the day, but great love can say, got caught in the middle of that transition, never quite sure if she wants to be a serious drama or soap crazy.
This came on all of the head in the fourth season of controversy, which tried to cram an incredible amount of madness in nine episodes only. Bill Paxton, who defends the ambition for the season (although ambitious, as is always the case, not equality), and it seems to think that the negative reactions in terms of cost opportunity to show the long term:

I grant you that have tried in the last season for a very large foot in the shoe is too big, but it was the aim of those episodes chock full of great stuff. I was surprised that we were taken to task for it. He said he does not help us to maintain continuous supply. If [people] you just watch it again, and they realize that we put too many ingredients in the soup, but the show was always very ambitious and very well written and so full of stuff. I grew personally resent that all the hype and I think he was eventually killed in the exhibition. Again, I do not know the ins and outs of the political, but I know it does not help us to engage in a Season 5.

Of course, could be the offer was unlucky not there simply to polygamy craze in pop culture for comparison with the Obsession vampires that have helped to raise the blood to destroy the true epicenter of the quake. In any case, in preparation for the final night, Jace Lacob brings together 10 memorable moments of great love, run, mostly from the third season.

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