Sunday, March 20, 2011


Was eliminated in a vicious 18 Amazing Race 4, and as you and this Vyxsin were unable to be put out of their misery just yet.
Back to where we left off, and just realized I Vyxsin that contain a package of Fannie passports, without which they could not go forward, is missing. I turned one of them in a package, so they are now free to start the race again, still behind the rest of the pack.
Despite the drama, everything, including the fierce week 1, and all teams are now together. As soon as (and only) train leaves at 07:00, and everyone will be on it. However, because they "chose" to take flight alternative (meaning chosen has no other choice because they were too incompetent to get to the airport in time) and will bear the penalty spot on 30 minutes to stop the next hole. They plan to not tell someone about this penalty, but it will be difficult to guess. To this issue, it should be Ron and Christina get one, too, because they did not take the bus according to the instructions.
Once in Kunming (to be confused aka the golden arches, and not with McDonald's), Chairman of the idea of ​​teams for the first time, which tells them they must travel in a taxi to the Golden Horse and Jade Rooster Memorial parentheses. Plane and the rope end up taking a taxi person, and which we find later in the Globetrotters.
Ziv & Justin does not even try to keep it a secret they are following Ron and Christina.
Wrap is a choice between the past and the honor of embracing the future. Honor the past, must be watching the performance of traditional Tibetan and test their powers of perception and memory, and a set of puppets 15 order in which the characters appeared on stage. To embrace the future, and teams must empty the entire system of solar water heating, carry it to the roof of a building, and install it correctly.
Honor the past: Ron and Christina, and Justin Ziv, Keisha and Jane, and Gary Mallory
Embrace the future: Margie and Luke, and the journey time and ease of a large, Jaime Kara, Kent and Vyxsin, Jet and Cord
Ziv & Justin to guess wrong the first time. Ron and Christina are as well. Ziv and Justin, however, the right to second guess, and it seems that he has chosen to be a simple mission to some extent. Keisha and Jane finished behind them. Both teams just wait for Ron and Christina to finish, because they know where they are going. Although the task does not seem very difficult either, and would be more physically demanding.
Minority Chinese Heritage Centre is the next stop, and must be located on the basis of the image. Double bend ahead. Ziv, Justin and Keisha and Jane know that someone who speaks the language of the following does not necessarily guarantee success, as we see all three teams have now gone to the wrong place.
Margie and decide for Luke does not turn. Plane and the rope to take the same resolution. Kent and Jaime turn up to the mat at the same time. Pretending he was going to make a decision, alternates and ignoring the advice of the three women behind him, Kent decided to turn Jaime and Kara, instead of the Globetrotters. This seems just to be for young people turning to U turn, and should not have a significant impact only girls stumbling down a couple spots. Jaime and Kara decided to convert U Globetrotters before heading to the other wrap. Globetrotters and is currently in last place, so this additional task will only add to it.
Have opted for Ziv & Justin to break away from Ron and Christina, and so far and lost, with Gary Mallory blindly following them.
The next stop is the Stone Forest. Block the way for the formation of a dinosaur the size of life based on a diagram. We must make sure that it is built securely to avoid being rejected.
Road block (in order of arrival): Keisha, Christina, Margie, Kent, Jet, Big Easy, Jaime, Justin, Gary
Upon arriving at the road block, Vixsyin recognized as a penalty. They just "fudged on the truth" when he told their story of not knowing whether they were going to get a penalty.
Investigation and they are in last place, and Gary Mallory to use their express pass, which offers them the first place. However, since then remained of the cab, Jet and the rope is able to overcome them.
Slowly but surely, teams start to finish. Kent and Vyxsin in the middle of the pack seems to be fine. Then the time of the trip and great ease in trying to figure out how they can obnoxiously loud celebration does not come in the past.

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